Gifts for her: how to get your Christmas gift shopping done quickly, easily, and ethically

Gifts for her: how to get your Christmas gift shopping done quickly, easily, and ethically

Gifts for her: how to get your Christmas gift shopping done quickly, easily, and ethically

Christmas can be overwhelming, to say the least. From hurrying from supermarket to shopping centre, browsing just about every website on the internet, adding ‘gifts, wrapping, decorations, and food’ to your growing to- do list, and that’s all before you’ve even written a Christmas card… you’re only one person and you simply can’t do it all.

But, there’s a secret to making at least one part of Christmas super easy.

Ready? Group your gifts. That’s it! Group them!

It’s El’s go- to trick every year and this year she’s sharing it with you. El is the owner and founder of Ruby Friday and she’s gathered all the bestselling Christmas presents and perfect gift combos. Each one will delight whoever opens it.

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide

  1. How to get your Christmas shopping done quickly
  2. Cut down on packaging and get cheaper delivery this Christmas
  3. Curated Christmas gift ideas for women
  4. Sustainable Christmas: make a difference as you shop
  5. When in doubt, let her choose!

    You’ll find everything you need to know about gift grouping right here.

    How to get your Christmas shopping done quickly

    When you’re pushed for time, the last thing you need is to get in the car or on the bus and head in to town. Walking around the shops (while this can be lovely) is a full- on experience. It’s busy, it’s noisy, and who wants to carry all those bags. No thank you!

    The thing is, trawling through website after website isn’t too much fun either. Sure, you’re inside in the warm, which is always a bonus, but it’s not exactly easy, is it?

    This is where gift grouping is a game changer. 

    Get on the sofa, get super cosy, pop the Christmas lights on, and maybe your favourite Christmas movie, and find just one perfect store to do all your Christmas shopping. You’re cutting down on the overwhelm of the decision making, the searching, and even entering your payment details on multiple sites.

    It’s much easier to stick to a budget, too. There’s no chance to forget gifts you’ve bought, or get distracted by different items, or to overspend because you’re rushing and stressed. You’ve got a time limit, a financial limit, and you’re going to get it done.

    For the gal who loves everything monochrome to your bright pink loving best friend, you can tick everyone off your list, one by one. In just a couple of hours you’ll have gifts for your mum, your sister, your in laws, your cousins, your daughter, and your pals too.

    Cut down on packaging and get cheaper delivery this Christmas

    Trying to understand the environmental impact of Christmas is difficult. The statistics are wild. Energym is a tech-focused Birmingham business finding ways to meaningfully impact climate change. They explain how Christmas affects the planet:-

    • Ten thousand tonnes of plastic packaging are thrown away in the UK
    • The UK uses 227,000 miles of wrapping paper (the equivalent of 50,000 trees)
    • The excess waste from packaging, wrapping paper, cards and food increases up to 30%

    Shocking isn’t it? The good news is there are lots of ways to limit your environmental impact. Recyclable wrapping paper, real Christmas trees, no Christmas cards, and keeping a check on your food purchases all have a positive impact. Another way to help the environment is to group your gifts.

    By grouping gifts from one supplier there will be much less packaging. Instead of ten little gifts coming from 10 different online stores, you can get everything from one place and the gifts can all arrive tightly packed in one box. And, that means you’ll save on delivery fees.

    You can take this one step further by shopping with a supplier which uses zero plastic, like Ruby Friday. All of Ruby Friday’s packaging is card and paper, and if you choose for your gifts to be gift- wrapped, they’ll be wrapped in recyclable tissue paper.

    Curated Christmas gift ideas for women

    There are a couple of different ways to group your gifts.

    One way is to think about the person you’re buying for, and buying all their gifts from one collection, from one store, at the same time.

    • What’s her favourite colour?
    • What type of metal does she wear most often? Silver, gold, rose gold…
    • What are her go- to accessories?

    You’re making a quick decision, you’re seeing which gifts complement each other, and you’re saving time and energy getting them all in one go.

    Here’s an example: this gorgeous tan leather tassel bag,  this soft black and tan blanket scarf, and this lovely little leopard print purse. These gifts all go beautifully together, and they’d suit anyone who loves neutral tones.

    Or, if natural green tones are their thing this khaki green crossbody bag, this simple silver star bracelet, and this stylish khaki scarf is a great combination.

    The other way to group gifts is not by person, but by delivery. That is, get all your gifts in one place! Not only can you get all your Christmas shopping done in a couple of hours, but you’ll save on delivery fees. Delivery is free over £45, and with a few gifts you’ll easily qualify. You’ll be able to get a gift for your mum, your mother in law, your sister, your friends, and the teenagers in your family, all in one place, all in one package.

    Sustainable Christmas: make a difference as you shop

    You already care about the planet and making a difference, which is why you care about supporting independent businesses.

    Grouping all your Christmas gifts from small businesses is going to bring joy to more than those who receive the gifts!

    There’s a lot to organise if you’re aiming to get your gifts from small businesses but grouping your gifts from just one or two businesses cuts down on the effort, overwhelm, and time.

    You’re not just making a difference to small business owners, but to the planet too. Vegan bags make wonderful Christmas presents, and they're sustainable. Having one well packed parcel rather than lots of small ones saves on transport, resources, and plastic.

    When in doubt, let her choose!

    No matter how well you know your loved ones, you might not be exactly sure what to get them.

    You know they’ll look great with  ruby red accessories, like the beautiful red leather Faith bag, a cosy red pom hat, and a fabulous red zebra bag strap, so in the basket it goes.

    But… then you feel you want to play it a little safer. The sophisticated black tassel bag that’ll go with everything, warm black gloves, and charming silver bee earrings would also be a perfect gift. So, what do you do?

    When self- doubt strikes, you can buy them a gift card. This is their chance to choose something they’ll treasure, and you save yourself time agonising over all the gift options.

    Remember, the trick to grouping gifts is to make quick decisions, to get everything from one place, and to stick to your budget.  Gift cards are your secret weapon.

    If you’d like them to have a little something to open on Christmas day, you can find them a lovely little stocking filler. Then, their “main” gift can be the gift card, and you’ve got the best of both worlds.

    So, there you go! The secret to super easy Christmas shopping is to group your gifts!

    We hope this has been helpful and if we can answer any of your questions, we’re only a quick message away.

    Have a very merry, and restful, Christmas and a happy new year, from us all at Ruby Friday.

    Ruby Friday is a small business the UK, dedicated to gorgeous accessories. Each piece in our collection is stylish, fun, and sustainable. No matter the event, we’ve got you. Just think of us as your Girl Friday.

    This SEO- friendly blog was written by Bonnie Harrington, a Bristol- based copywriter and content writer for creative, sustainable, and independent small businesses. If you’d like a blog just like this for your business, get in touch here.

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